Bully for You

Here's what I can't stand (and neither can Jo): People who have to trot out their credentials to prove that they're right. As if they couldn't rely on facts or the persuasiveness of their arguments to make their points. Oh no. We must believe them because they shove their laurels up our noses.

Upon receiving emails containing such pomposity, I usually scoff and press delete. I couldn't do so in the latest case, though, because the author bashed Ep of all people! Ep who is so moderate and thoughtful (via public email, at least).

This woman took offense to Ep's declaring--amidst other thoughts on why a restrictive email posting policy would be contrary to the spirit of our local parenting eBoard--that she had joined the group to meet intelligent women in similar circumstances. This woman skewered Ep's carefully worded, non-incendiary statements several times before stating that, by the way, she considers herself an intelligent woman by virtue of her advanced degrees.

Because I have met far too many people who achieved their degrees via hard work (commendable) and hard-headedness (not) rather than scintillating intellect, I had to respond:
I trust Bootsy and the rest of the board when they say
that they have listened to _everyone_, and have set
the new(est) email policy accordingly.

BTW, an advanced degree is no guarantee that a person
can think intelligently. Example: I have one myself.

Far too many people work their way through the university system the same way a rat works through a maze. I have met many of these people, and my jaw hits the ground each time I find out how "educated" they are in relation to how stupid they seem. I know many others who didn't have the time or inclination for the institutionalized BS of a degree, with whom I'd love to do a brain exchange.

And finally, I don't give a shit what kind of qualifications you have. I want to see what you do with those qualifications. Other than taking narrow-eyed, small-brained swipes at fair-minded liberals.

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