Today was Mali's first formal solids feeding. She was enthusiastic at first, but--most likely because of already having had a few morsels of delicious sweet potato--was ultimately unimpressed by bland rice cereal. Iz had fun feeding her, though.

Iz's own first feeding was funny. She was much younger, under five months, and was so excited that she kept grabbing the spoon and trying to shove it into her mouth. Leelo's was at around five months. He didn't like the rice cereal, continued to be unimpressed by most baby foods, and is still leery of all but five or so edible items.

Mali is starting to look at us for reassurance, to check in with us when something happens near her. I've read that this is something many children later diagnosed as autistic do not do during their first birthday party, but can't remember whether it was behavior they'd lost or never developed. I need to review Leelo's videos some more and see if he ever did this between ages 6 and 12 months.

To bed. I've been roped into an Esperanza silent auction planning meeting by Iz's friend Violet's very organized and enthusiast mother (more on how very much I am intimidated by her later), and so must get my brain function sleep.

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