Izzy Gossip

Which attendees of this morning's bad moms coffee already heard, but...

Iz's Spanish tutor talks with Iz's teacher quite frequently. One of the latest things she's relayed to me that I'm not entirely certain I'm meant to know is that Maestra M (the teacher) thinks that Izzy needs to be in a gifted school. I told Maestra L (tutor) that we'd already accommodated that by placing her in the higher grade once she finished K early. I guess Maestra L didn't know this.

Maestra L says that Iz reads Spanish better than many of her third grade students. I myself am already annoyed by her catching up to me in the Seriously Unfortunate Events books (in English, but still).

I suspect that she may be headed for N0rthStar school in third grade, after all, rather than sticking with Esperanza through eighth. Sigh. Badger says that N0rthstar does have a decent Spanish program; guess I'll have to go check it out.

Grrr. Figured I was done fretting about Iz's educational needs for at least a year, what with getting her placed in the non-remedial grade while immersed in a totally new language.

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