You Say Potato

However you pronounce my favorite tuber, there is no doubt that Mali digs it. Today, her official second day featuring solid foods, she ate almost half of a (teeny) jar of sweet potato goo in one sitting.

I had forgotten that this food's appearance remains unaltered after six hours traveling through an infant digestive tract. Baby care details such as this were wiped from my brain after Leelo was done with them--I thought I'd never need to reference them again. I also forgot that one is supposed to use a soft rubbery-tipped baby spoon for the first few months. Thankfully someone, probably JP, had left one at our house.

Leelo himself is doing well, though he spent a good portion of the day trying to eat playdoh. I think the issue is that he keeps trying to make a "birthday cake" with it, and is playing the scene out to its logical conclusion. Can't wait to see what his next diaper looks like.

I am anticipating a fun but trying week with Leelo, as Therapist L will be off for one week starting the day after tomorrow, and Therapist S is taking off Friday. Since I work at Iron Gate on Wednesdays, this means that almost all of my upcoming "free time" will be spent with both Leelo and Mali. (Thursday we are playing hooky as a family and going to the Aquarium.) Babysitter A is on reduced hours this week, too. Fun! And I have my last Iron Gate meeting tomorrow night, and Iz's Open House Thursday, grouch grouch grouch.

Seymour came up with the excellent idea of giving Iz an alter ego, Zizi. Excellent in that this approach works for us and her, and if she ends up with a split personality, we'll know why. Using Zizi as a scapegoat gives her an important out, as she will do just about anything to avoid taking blame. Now that Zizi's on the scene, and we ask her how a certain mess might possibly have happened, she doesn't mind telling us that Zizi did it. She also doesn't (usually) mind cleaning up after her evil twin. Without Zizi, we would be running into a screaming brick wall of denial.

She is still having a rough time going to bed at night. She says it's not her fault, that it's just her personality. If she didn't share a room with Leelo, then I would get her a reading lamp so she could read herself to bed as I have done almost every night of my life.

I am enjoying watching her go at origami. She has been inspired by her idol Eliz. Much to my amazement, Iz has been doing so completely independently, by following what are to me impenetrable book instructions. The more complex figures are frustrating to her, though, so Eliz has agreed to an origami playdate in two days (bless Jo's girl).

To bed. Tomorrow is going to be my only day with (relative) free time until Saturday, so I'd best get some rest, otherwise I will be too tired to get all that work done.

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