One of Each

Mali: grabbed a sweet potato fry out of my hand and gummed it to bits. Big smile afterwards. Formal solids (video camera, high chair) tomorrow or Sunday for that girl. When I took the fry away, she started making proto-word protests (her lips helped form the sounds, as opposed to her usual small-shaved-Wookie vocalizations).

Leelo: For some reason the appearance of Jo means Leelo makes us all do the hokey pokey. Why is this, exactly? Also, in greeting Teacher K this morning, she remarked on how she and Leelo both were wearing sweatshirts with the school mascot on them. "We match!" agreed Leelo. Very cool.

Iz, in talking with Doyenne on the way home from school: "My mom's car can go 160 miles an hour! It says so on the speedometer! We can't go over the speed limit normally, but we could go up to 160 if there was an emergency, like an earthquake, or a tornado, or a volcano, or, um, hail."

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