Eat, Sleep, Fret

Leelo's language continues to improve. Seymour swears that yesterday, when he asked "Leelo, what are you talking about?," Leelo said "I'm talking about **** (something indecipherable)." Leelo said this not once, but twice.

In The Hole yesterday Leelo looked up at one of the big signs and said, "That's an N!" Good good good.

This morning our boy woke up with a dry diaper. This has never before happened on my watch. Hmmm. Freak occurrence, or the start of a beautiful potty scenario?

For the past five days, Leelo has resumed waking at god-awful hours. 6:30. 6:00. 5:30. Doesn't matter how late we put him down. Is it because of the TMG? Because he asked for and got (and then barfed up) Vegggie Booty last Friday? Or maybe my increasing laxness re: letting him eat non-whole grain breads?

I would like to think that it's his brain going into overdrive in anticipation of more developmental leaps. But I did find out this morning that if I sprint into his bed when he's making noises but has yet to get out of bed, and lie down with him, he'll go back to sleep until the proper morning panic waking hour arrives.

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