Poop Poop a Doop

Stupid antibiotics. Well, not really as they brought Mali through her nasty pneumonia, but still. Ever since she had IV antibiotics followed by 10 oral days of the same, she's changed from a 1x/week diaper-soiler to a crap-happy 5x/day poop enthusiast.

I am probably cursing our sweet little baby by writing this, but, unlike the once-monthly illness of her first four months, it's been five weeks since she last took sick with a horrible cold or the flu.

She is now attacking and grabbing and mouthing any food or drink that comes within her reach. I think we may need to start solids this weekend. She'll be 6 months in six days; close enough.

Off to get Iz and her rather cheeky schoolmate Doyenne. I think will slap their little butts in front of the truly fantastic C1one Wars episodes 1 - 25, now that it has been broadcast and TeeVo'd in one delicious chunk.

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