Big Sigh

Leelo had a roughish day today. Still fifty times better than his rough days during the holidays/around Mali's birth, but still. Lots of verbal stimming, hard to get through to him. Though the language was there if you asked him directly enough.

Seymour and I spent the weekend diagnosing the causes of Leelo's recent vocalizations and soupy diapers. After two days off TMG and then a normal log this afternoon, I think we know what was causing the diaper distress. But the verbal nuttiness, who knows. I've been lax about avoiding simple starches lately, and even let him have a couple of madelines. Seymour thinks it's the boy's runny nose. Maybe it's because I've been having a hard time remembering the b12 injections. Or Babysitter A's taking the weekend off. Realistically, he probably just has cycles.

While cleaning up my desktop this evening, I came across the following photos of Leelo at 11 months.

How is it possible that this happy boy became autistic? How can we prevent our happy baby girl from following his path? She spent most of yesterday avoiding my frantic eye contact attempts, but today was engaged completely. I am going to be a complete madwoman until we have some definite signs one way or the other.

In other news, Iz drew a picture in her sunday school class called "My Baby Sister Was Geting All the Atention [sic]." Charming.

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