This Is Not My Beautiful House

There is a house on my street for sale. For $2,149,000. Pick yourself up off of the floor and read that last sentence. It is not a typo.

For the record, such a price is atypical of our otherwise overlooked, grubby street. (Struggling do-gooders like Jerk Hinkey live here, for heaven's sake.) The marketed home is monstrous (5 bed /4 bath) and has a wine cellar, true. But, like every other house on our street except our own, it has 1) NO parking and 2) is on an extremely steep slope. Who would pay so much money for such an inconvenient house? I guess we'll find out.

Nosy people, email me and I'll send you the slide show.

On another street note, that slender stand of bamboo on that other improbably steep slope at the blind intersection of our one-lane street and the incredibly busy Miralago is actually...a "buildable" lot. Which has been cleared and I'm guessing will be built on, imminently. I am once again amazed by the beaver-like ingenuity of people in my neighborhood when it comes to figuring out how to shoehorn in and prop up yet another house.

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