Welcome to Deadwood

Where my neighbor the old Libertarian fart is cackling over his victory against a measure that would have prevented next year's loss of more than 50 teachers in an already resources-imperiled district. After I TP his house, we'll be attending the CTA rally next Wednesday, downtown.

Where the local moms club has banned all email that does not pertain to finding an emergency nanny, slagging the schools mentioned above, or getting kiddie haircuts. Which pisses me off. Which means I mouthed off to the whole group:
I have just read the email policy, and I think it is a shame to ban all but specific political topics. Unlike the also-banned religion, politics infiltrate
everyone's lives and families, whether we choose to actively participate or not.

I have learned much from the passionate members of this group, even when I disagreed with their political positions. Where else would I get this opportunity? All the other groups I belong to are composed of like-thinkers.

I also suspect that many of us feel shackled enough by the make-nice limits of our parenting roles and day-to-day lives. Can't we take off our those masks when we step up to the keyboard, and just be ourselves? We are adults. Telling us not to flame each other and informing us of the three-strikes rule is sufficient.

Off to bad moms coffee hour. Good timing.

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