Six Months

That was the milestone Mali hit two days ago. How possible? Who knows. We're still not entirely sure how she got here.

We celebrated with a family trip to the Aquarium. Where Leelo was a complete fucking nutter and made Seymour, already very stressed out from a shitty times three situation at work, somewhat forlorn about the future of family outings with the boy. I think Leelo was just having an off day. Though I was sad that he didn't respond to the fish like he used to, and instead preferred to run as far and fast as he could.

Iz had a fantastic time, poking everything she was allowed to poke, soaking up info, seeing real anchovies, having Daddy/daughter science geek fun, accosting everyone she heard speaking Spanish and butting into their conversations. Seymour says her showboating tendencies are genetically hardwired and come straight from him.

Mali thought all the pretty fish were gawk-worthy.

I was inspired by the visit to resume Leelo's cod liver oil supplements as of this morning. I'm not going to tell any of his therapists, and see if they tell us of any noticeable improvements in eye contact.

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