Wading Through

Mali is on the tap, so it's one-handedness today.

I got in almost 30 minutes of good hard tidying this A.M for the first time in weeks. I can think of no more appropriate yardstick for the fractured timescape of my current life.


-Walk in Msr. V ballots; think positive thoughts for victory
-Post-4:00 play date for Iz (Sophie?)
-Whither dinner? Needs to be out of the house; I vote Lebanese so Iz can get a meat fix
-Go to Lilofi gift shop for Mthrs day gifts for my mom & Seymour's
-Iz & Leelo make M. day cards for same
-Mail above
-Write adoption/birth mom 2 page essay for church on Sun.; practice NOT CHOKING while reading it
-Gentle nudge to Seymour to arrange post-church brunch/lunch to prevent shattering disappointment on M. day
-Tidy entire house/laundry
-Go to The Hole to replace the Leelo croissants that were covered in blue mold

Okay, M is asleep. Will attempt transfer to bed so more of above can be attempted.

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