Boating vs. Baby Wrangling

Boating vs. Baby Wrangling

Seymour called a couple of days ago to let me know how things are going with him and Iz as they explore the various inlets and coves of the San Juan Islands on Seymour's folks' boat:
  • Yesterday they were visited by a pod of orcas. The baby orca was darling and the mother orca had a salmon so large they could see it dangling out of both sides of her mouth.
  • They are living in "The Knot Channel." The captain and deckhand are amused by Iz's interest in knots, and have given her a length of line and a how-to book to mess around with. A new line (snarf) of perseveration! But around seafaring folk such things are encouraged--with many patient demonstrations--and Iz is doing so well that they are even letting her tie up the smaller launches.
  • When Iz is not tying knots, she is watching the Worst Witch DVD's I sent with her on the parlor's giant plasma screen. Or reading. Rough.
  • They are eating shrimp that they caught themselves.
  • Iz's dad took her kayaking yesterday, and hiking "exploring" today.
  • Iz is surrounded by six doting adults who think that everything she does is noteworthy and remarkable.
  • Seymour said that it took a couple of days of really relaxing and sleeping deeply, but now he's feeling like himself.

I spent the day wiping butts and cleaning the house. And cruising sites for Trinidad and Tofino vacations. One day, people, I am going to disappear! I may even reappear. Once I sort of feel like myself. Whoever that is...

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