Whole Lotta Transitions

Whole Lotta Transitions

Today is Leelo's last day of preschool. It is also the last day I'll do the daily drive to Deadwood Shores, because Leelo will be attending the local public Behavioral kindergarten in 17 days. Yes!!! I am relieved to have that extra forty minutes of round-tripping bumped out of our schedule. And I know my commute was a bunny hop compared to most of the parents there--some drive in from as far as SF.

Today is Iz's last day of camp. Local camp. Tomorrow she goes to Seattle for two weeks, including one week of *cough, hack, hurl* ballet camp with her cousin Leigh. Thankfully this is the last year she can go to this camp without having to do a qualifying dance.

Say what you will about the beauty and discipline of ballet--I think it is a life-long boot camp for body image mindfucking, and I do not want my daughter to be a part of it. She might be strong-minded enough to deflect the ongoing insults to her appearance, but I'm not willing to gamble her considerable self-esteem and confidence so that she can look pretty in a tutu.

Last night Seymour and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary with a dinner so delicious that my writing cannot do it justice: We had tripe and lobster knuckles and shoat and huckleberries, and were you there you would have cried over every bite.

Seymour defied my standing order against jewelry and presented me with the World's Most Beautiful Necklace. I presented him with some homemade coupons (I will leave you to imagine what he can redeem them for, but two contained the image of Will Riker) and ass-rattling music in the language of his bloodstream.

We looked out at the ocean and talked. I came away greatly reassured about life in general and this upcoming year in particular. He is so swoony and dreamy and wonderful.

And he's going to be away for most of the next two weeks.

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