On BlogHer and Beauty

On BlogHer and Beauty

As I was skulking around the edges of BlogHer, hiding behind my book and iPod, I did a lot of observing. And mooning over all the women who were knock-me-on-my ass beautiful. But they weren't necessarily fashion mag or comic book stereotypes; in fact most of them weren't, because 99.5% of us aren't. What was their intangible, then? What was it that made me ache to be one of those compelling women?

A couple of days later, I figured it out. Every person I wanted to stalk had shitloads of genuine confidence--or had at least leased some for the conference. Yeow, baby. Must find out where I can buy some for myself.

I think this explains why I dislike obvious and abusively elective plastic surgery, because to me it represents either a lack or an erosion of confidence. But I don't think that chosen nips and tucks are necessarily evil, either. Two friends from high school had nose jobs done either before or shortly after their senior years--I am guessing because their generous noses were the first and sometimes the only thing people noticed about them. The surgery transformed more than their faces--both had huge surges in confidence afterwards. It was beautiful. They were beautiful.

The women at BlogHer were beautiful.

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