Voyage to Seattle: Unscathed

Voyage to Seattle: Unscathed

Two days and three nights is just about my current Leelo and Mali traveling limit. I know it's going to get easier in time (well, maybe not with Leelo, but likely with Mali). I didn't embarrass myself too badly or injure anyone. I didn't have any stress-induced tantrums, because by the time I hit that "I have not had a break for three days except to shower" wall, I was already back home.

Where I am a bit sad. I don't write about this much, but one of my dearest friends is still struggling so hard with her own sadness, and there's nothing any of us can do except be there when and if she needs us. Which I wasn't, this weekend. In fact most of my friends are going through unbloggably sad times for which there are no quick or uncomplicated solutions. It's hard to stay chipper when things are so difficult for people who deserve nothing but fields of poppies and top-shelf cocktails.

And I sent Seymour and Iz off on a boat yesterday. They'll be San Juaning it until the 17th. And they will have the Best Time Ever. But they're not here, and they're the two biggest lights in this household. The rest of us will have to make do with murk until they return.

Because I have both Strange Brew and Star Wars committed to memory, I will keep myself amused by looping this.

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