Leelo and his Mom on a Shitty Day

Leelo and his Mom on a Shitty Day

**I just found this one in the draft pile and am publishing it so that the bits won't get lost.**

I haven't been writing much about Leelo lately.

Sad about IEP. Need to call in AM.

But good:

Asking, "What's your name?"
Me: "My name is Mommy. What's your name?"
Leelo: "My name is Leelo."


Also being good at the dentist--not great, but incrementally better. He allowed the dentist to take brief looks in his mouth, and kept trying. She didn't really get to touch his teeth, but she was able to observe happy plaque colonies and give us advice on how to deal with them since he's apparently not letting us brush his teeth as thoroughly as is needed: put a small glob of fluoridated toohpaste on the tip of your finger, then run in all over the surfaces of his teeth. The latest research shows that this low level of fluoride will create a decent enough bond with the teeth's enamel to block out most cavity-forming bacteria.

Dr. A also said that she has faith that Leelo will improve and will eventually comply voluntarily. She has older patients like Leo who have gone through the same behavioral arc.

Eating beef! Well, Buffalo. Seymour minced it and mixed it up with his almond butter and he ate it! He has never ever ever ever ever ever ever eaten meat before!

Overall being very sweet. Asking for us, gentle hugs, kisses, head on shoulder while sitting on couch. Feeling happy with our boy.

So it is sad to hear that Supervisor M is skeptical of our upcoming IEP, and thinks things are being handled shoddily by the school district. I am such a dolt, I thought we were getting everything we wanted and that there was nothing else to discuss--that we would merely be confirming the items previously discussed. But she is an expert and has actually attended many IEPs whereas I have been to a grand total of two, each of which was more of a tea party than a serious meeting. She thinks we should bring an advocate. She thinks we need to spend more than just 60 minutes hashing out Leelo's support for the year. She gently reminded me that they SD needs to provide a concrete agenda, and concrete learning goals.

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