Leelo's First Day of Kindergarten

Leelo's First Day of Kindergarten

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New backpack, even! Izzy is very proud of him. She got a new backpack, too.

The entire family walked Leelo to his new classroom. He was met by the lead teacher, her assistant teacher, the Deadwood School District head of special education, and Babysitter A, who because she walked into Leelo's life via a rainbow sent straight from the clouds, agreed to come train Leelo's new aide for the first few days. Which is a good thing because the aide is the one person who didn't get there on time.

This is the first time since Leelo was two that his support staff won't be on our payroll, and therefore officially aligned with and sympathetic towards us. We are going to be relying on a new teacher and a new aide. It is worrisome to me, even though I realize that most kids don't even get the one-on-one aide, even though I know that the families of most kids in Leelo's situation would sacrifice digits for a top-quality public behavioral kindergarten. I'm fretting anyhow. At least I've got Babysitter A to spy for me for the first week.

Today is also Iz's first day at Big Noggin. She is very excited to be with her peers, and about going to school with Eliz. She has been telling me more stories about how mean the kids in her class at Esperanza were to her last year, because she was smarter and younger than them, and not as into fashion. One of the more popular girls, went so far as to tell Iz, "I really want to be your friend...PSYCH!" I really hope the kids at Big Noggin will be on her wavelength.

Iz doesn't have the Spanish-speaking science geek teacher of our dreams, but oh well. I did make a request this year. And introduced Iz to the teacher. And apparently even Jo Spanglemonkey talked to her. Sigh. Perhaps the teacher got irritated and thought that we could all bloody well fuck off.

Whatever. Iz is at Big Noggin. She'll be fine. She has our neighbors Marin and Marys in her class, which should make the transition easier.

Leelo's class only lasts until 11:15, so off I go.

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