Leelo's Got Two New Friends: Liam and SJ

Leelo's Got Two New Friends: Liam and SJ

Those Flickr fuckers don't want to let me post through their site, so here's some hand-tooled Leelo love, chiseled out of Blogger stone:

Look! It's like the opening credits of Star Wars, except with an autism research fundraising logo. Boobful ladies, SJ and I agree that the fine folks who make the non-baggy Leelo shirts couldn't begin to comprehend the awesome force of our bosoms. Sigh. The mugs are nice, so are the bumper stickers. Or you could slap a shirt on your kid, or your cat.

Try some today!

According to Liam's mom, Leelo mugs are great as on-the-fly mac & cheese repositories. Don't forget to requisition your own Leelo gear!

Thanks to all the friends, again. I just ploinked 60 clams in the naar.org jar, and it's all because of *you.* Sniff!

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