Fucktard Nation

Fucktard Nation

I despise Ann Coulter for many reasons, but the primary reason I wouldn't mind seeing her held down as "LIAR" is tattooed on her forehead is that she has championed righteous and petulant ignorance as a viable American mindset.

We've recently had another such self-righteous incident on the Deadwood Moms' Club elist, regarding slanderous forwarded misinformation about Senate Bill 1437, which proposes to include GLBT family examples as part of standard school textbooks. Here is the bill's summary:

This bill would revise the statutes prohibiting textbooks
and other instructional material from containing material
adverse to persons based on race, color, creed, national
origin, ancestry, sex, or handicap, and add sexual
orientation to this list of characteristics. These changes
would make the statutes consistent with other statutes
prohibiting discrimination based on specified personal
characteristics, such as the Fair Employment and Housing
Act and the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

The bill also would direct the school governing boards to
include only instructional material that accurately portray
the cultural, racial, gender and sexual diversity of our
society, and, in instructional material for the social
sciences, include the contributions of people who are
lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender to the economic,
political, and social development of California and the
United States of America.

Ep, Liz, and Badger have written specifics on the elist brouhaha. Here is my take, as ripped from Badger's comments:

"I'm still seething over this. I get rabid when people lob hate grenades--even in ignorance and stupidity, as [the original poster] so lengthily confessed--and then reframe themselves as victims the moment someone dares to call them on their actions.

"I wish I'd been as diplomatic as [Badger]. No one listens to the humorless gibberers at the poles. I believe that helpful, friendly, and informative responses like [Badger] wrote really do influence people who've not given their positions much thought.

"As for the original poster, she is a registered vindictive ignoramus who sends Ep personal hate mail all the time. She deserves no one's sympathy

And, according to the rest of the world, neither do most Americans.

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