People I Met at BlogHer

People I Met at BlogHer

(Sorry, I am a shit and never finished this post but it is 9/16 so I am posting as is.)

Suzanne of Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) and Other Rants.

Susie Bright (Well, okay--I stammered on up to her and asked for two of her Clits Up! buttons--one for me and one for a shy[er] friend).

Sara Ford, who was on the Community Assistance panel with our own dear Grace Davis. Sara took one of the best photos from BlogHer: SJ tossing Badger in the pool.

Jess of Drowning in Kids. If I'da known she was not only from the land of my forebears but also from my favorite island in addition to being shyly charming and witty, I would have cornered her and grilled her for hours until she agreed to be BFF.

Krisco from Crib Ceiling. Jenijen introduced us and if I'd had half a brain (and the Hyatt had had half the connectivity they'd promised) I'd have looked up her site right then so I could be awed in a timely rather than tardy manner.

Laurie Toby Edison and Debbie Notkin from Body Impolitic. Actually, I took their card. I'd had the pleasure of squealing at Debbie during the first Woolfcamp, and was stalking Laurie because I so love everything about her appearance and attitude. They are both fantastic role models.

Pam from Beancounters. She and my homie Jo already knew each other, and were kind enough not only to go out to dinner with me on Day One, but to trust me when I told them that the not entirely open-looking Vietnamese Karaoke bar in the barren office complex down the street would have scrumptious Pho. Which it did. Which is good, because I was gambling with my instincts at that point.

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