A Really Horrible Day with Leelo

A Really Horrible Day with Leelo

Leelo had three tantrums of unprecedented intensity today. He pulled out my hair, scratched me, and pinched me so hard that my arms are covered with bruises. He was absolutely hysterical. I've never seen him like this.

What did I do to earn such treatment? I tried to get him to use the bathroom, as I do and have done several times a day for over a year.

All I can think of is that his routine is all fucked up. Babysitter A has been on vacation, Seymour is gone, and Izzy is gone. My parents left this morning, so it's just been boring mommy and Mali, all day long.

He was so unpredictably violent that I cancelled going to the pool and having dinner with Ep and Clyde. I couldn't face the idea of him going ballistic in front of all the bathing Satanites or at someone else's house. Thankfully he did not lash out at Mali.

I spent the day in tears. I couldn't even talk on the phone without choking.

Off to the airport to pick up Seymour. I really hope Leelo is happy to see him, and will behave for Therapists L and Y tomorrow. Please cross your fingers for us.

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