In Which I Torture Small Defenseless Animals

In Which I Torture Small Defenseless Animals

The Frantic Fish has been looking rather peaked lately. She's been spending almost all her time lying on the bottom of the tank. The Google Fairies said that she might be suffering from either a bum swim bladder or ... oxygen deprivation.

We have had her for 3.5 years now with minimal tank cleanings and no problems. Except that this time I didn't realize the filter system was on the fritz. I fixed the filtration and gave her new fresh water, and in five minutes she was a whole new fish. Which means that for the past few weeks she has been suffering needlessly.

I am going to the special hell for people who neglect their pets. I wonder if they'll put me in with the people who forget to feed their bunnies and find them with their paws gnawed off, or with the people who move without taking their cats along.

Maybe I'll go to the hell for people who don't realize their kids have taken a shit until they strip and paint the living room with their feces. Oh, wait, I'm already there!

Oh yes, it was a lovely day today. Leelo shredded the crap out of my arm and I've got the gashes to prove it. He didn't break any major pieces of furniture like he did yesterday, so that is a bonus. As was Ep and Jo's coming by to play with Mali and chat, and Jo's coming to dinner with me and Mali and Leelo.

Mali just woke up and is telling her dad that she wants to nurse. I think you're SOL until I arrive, little girl.

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