Today is Seymour's annual not-surprise-this-year birthday party. We've invited everyone in the neighborhood, because my partner wants to meet more micro-locals, and they won't need parking. Plus I set up an excellent poetry wiki via the easiest wiki platform on the planet, pbWiki, and Seymour's friends and family have put up some truly hilarious verse. Which I may post if it's pseudonymizable.

Today will be party prep madness. And tomorrow will be post-party crashing. But tonight will be the most fun we've ever attempted to squeeze into our house and yard. I've even made mint simple syrup, and have washed and prepped five bushels of mint from our yard, so that we can be either The Mint Julep Palace or Mojitoland, depending upon our guests' preferences.

Anyone who wants to come rub my feet tomorrow morning will be welcomed with vague hungover whimpers of gratitude.

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