Many Milestones

Many Milestones

On Monday the 21st both Iz and Leelo start school. WTF is this, summer already being over? Tomorrow we'll go check on Iz's class assignment (Spanish-speaking astronomy and science geek teacher, oh please please please). Some time this weekend we'll try to find her ideal first day of school outfit: denim jacket and skort with white t-shirt. Badger has gleefully agreed to dye the tips of Iz's hair all rainbowy (a la Ariel).

Leelo's school entry should be interesting, too. Today we not only have an IEP (an introductory session in which I will meet my son's new teacher, and his classroom aide, and to which Sage and Babysitter A have graciously agreed to come), but also an evaluation by the ABA service provider who will most likely be supplying said aide. I so hope these people are good at handling kids who don't like transitions. Next week we will have another IEP in which we will determine Leelo's speech, occupational therapy, adaptive PE, and ABA goals and services for the year.

Today is also the school-wide Kindergarten social. Leelo and I will be crashing it, and so will two of his classmates and their moms. I don't know if I mentioned that this school is Cloy Roud, which has the general reputation of being the Best School in the District because of its test scores--a reputation which drives local thinking parents nuts because the major difference between Cloy Roud and a school like Gohn Jill is not the quality of the education but rather the proportion of English-language learners. What this boils down to is that parents can be snotty as hell about having their kid at C.R. and I want to see how welcoming those sorts will be to Leelo and his buddies. I'm not sure why the district placed their behavioral kindergarten there, but I have been amusing myself by bragging that Leelo "got into Cloy Roud!"

Today is Seymour's birthday. I decided not to throw a huge surprise party this year as has been the tradition. Instead I am throwing a huge birthday party of which he is aware, on the 19th. Hot live salsa music, awesome Lebanese food, lots of people and kids milling around all over like an ant colony exposed to sunlight--only more festive and with better beer. If you were not invited it is because this is our one yearly event about Seymour's friends rather than my friends.

Because we are having a party in two days, today I also have three separate people coming over to clean up the yard, fix the back deck, and front deck steps. The needs of a tidied (rather than tidy) yard has provided me with therapeutic gardening and rock-hauling opportunities, which I appreciate. Probably I should find some extra chairs to place around the yard.

Somehow I will fit in Bad Mom's coffee. And pick up Iz and Seymour from the airport. And do laundry so that I don't have to wear a sweater and corduroy pants in August. And take Seymour's work shirts to the cleaner--the man must have thirty of them, and they've all been worn. I should also make and distribute flyers inviting all our neighbors to the party so that they don't report us to the police. Ack, and I have to retrieve Leelo's Adderupp prescription and turn in all of Mali's preschool forms--which means I have to retrieve her physician's evaluation from Deadwood Shores. And my doctor hasn't called me back yet about my TB test, which is also required for Mali's school. Shit.

On a very sad note, the Frantic Fish finally expired. My guess is that what we thought was post-tank-cleaning frolicking was actually prolonged death throes. It is selfish of me, but I am glad that she decided to bow out while Iz is away. And also that Babysitter A volunteered to do the actual scooping and flushing. I don't like to look at dead things, me.

Anyhow, the next four days should be interesting indeed.

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