First Mary privately mentioned Ecto as a way to facilitate tagging, then Badger blogged about Ecto, too. Since I am gradually crawling out from under the rock that is 2003-era blogging, I decided to investigate.

Moving from Blogger to Ecto is like switching from a PC to a Mac. OMG. Everything is shiny and pretty and automated. On-the-fly spell checking! That recognizes the words "blog" and "blogging!" URLs appear in the link window without being pasted--having copied them is sufficient! Simultaneous opening of multiple posts! Previews in a separate window! And, of course, a tag window. That stores previously used tags.

Oh, farts. Ecto currently doesn't support image uploading for Blogger users. Though it does allow Mac users to internally browse iPhoto.

Pointedly added using Blogger

Well, hopefully that'll be fixed soon. I am otherwise as swoony over Ecto as I've ever been over a piece of software that does not list me as one of its producers.

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