Holed Up Holed Up

Holed Up

I am hiding in a hotel for the weekend, the better to reset my brain after 21 months of never getting a full night's sleep. Also I owe some people some writing, which requires buckling down and getting shit done. Or at least organized to a point where I can jump in spontaneously and make real progress without worrying about fucking up entire plot lines that exist only on the back of envelopes and which have not yet been integrated.

Much to my sadness, my hotel does not have room service. This interferes with my plans to not leave my room for the entire weekend, but they do have free wireless and that is much more important.

Seymour is riding herd for 48 hours, so keep him in your thoughts. Also Mali, who had stopped using me as a soporific, and so is getting her own special weekend of weaning. Those should be a couple of screamy nights, getting her to sleep without me or a ride in the car. I am very grateful to be elsewhere during her transition.

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