I Hate School

I Hate School

Because I have not yet transitioned to School Year Mentality, and because Therapist L has the week off and so Leelo has his afternoons free, my kids and I spent Monday at the Zoo, and yesterday running errands and then meeting Seymour for dinner down by his work. I'd not been monitoring Iz's take home work much because it is Wednesday of the second week of school, and surely nothing noteworthy could have been mine or my child's responsibility by now, yes?

Oh, no. Oh, no no no.

Apparently today is an early release day so that parents will have time to whip their child into finishing the evening's one hour of mandatory homework before we attend the mandatory Open House. I found this out when Armada called me back regarding letting Violet come over to play this afternoon.

Iz has certainly not been doing an hour's worth of homework every night. She's been doing the 20 minutes of reading and some of the math homework, but apparently there's a whole 'nother "personal timeline" section that I haven't even seen, plus some sort of "10, 000 steps" program that she's supposed to track for 1/4 of her P.E. grade.

I remember Eliz's first year at Big Noggin and the shock of the accelerated homework schedule, but for some reason I didn't think that it ramped up this quickly. Also I want Iz be responsible for her own work and schedule, but perhaps since she is so distractible, she could use some initial organizing advice.

I miss summer already.

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