What Is It About "BlogHER" That You Don't Understand, Sir?

What Is It About "BlogHER" That You Don't Understand, Sir?

I am a dutiful citizen and so have filled out my BlogHer post-conference survey. As I don't believe I ever wrote down my opinion on the BlogHer male attendees, I'll do so now using my response to the "Any additional comment on the overall conference experience?" query:

I am not usually strident about all-female anythings, but I found myself resenting the presence of the male attendees and wondering why the fuck they were there. I didn't want to see them any more than Malcolm X would have wanted to see my white butt at one of his conferences.

BlogHer was about us, and I didn't want to see one man there who wasn't in a service position--not even Guy Kawasaki. Not even if he was lending his support with the most open-hearted of intentions. It's still support, and therefore a form of permission, that was not fucking needed.

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