IEP: Q'apla!

IEP: Q'apla!

Leelo's IEP went well. Very well. It is astounding to me that we are having such good luck, with so many helpful and talented people working for our boy. Here's the blog-safe transcript of yesterday's meeting, which took place in Leelo's classroom.

But, basically, the school district will provide Leelo with a behavioral kindergarten, a 1:1 aide in the classroom, occupational therapy services, speech therapy services, and possible adaptive P.E. services. They are also going to contract with Supervisor M and Therapist L to provide Leelo's home ABA program, which will be afternoons only for fourteen hours per week (plus Supervisor M's on-site consulting and program management). It may be that we will need to supplement both Supervisor M and Therapist L if the district is not able to pay their current rates; I will find that out over the next few weeks.

We need to have another IEP on Sept. 15 to hammer out specific goals once the class and OT and speech has gotten a chance to know him, but his services are set. Phew!

Also his teacher is figuring things out in the classroom very quickly. Babysitter A and Supervisor M still see a lot of room for improvement, as do I, but I am cheered that the classroom staff is responding to both suggestions and the kids' needs with such alarcrity.

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